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UnitedMasters and Groover have partnered to give SELECT artists access to the music industry's tastemakers. Pitch your music to playlist curators and music professionals with guaranteed feedback within a week. 

Connect with an expert to receive coaching prior to song releases, coverage within playlists, social media features, and the assurance that your music is heard by the right people. All UnitedMasters SELECT artists receive 20% off their first campaign.

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Easily split streaming royalties with your team and collaborators using Split Pay.

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Open Doors: Getting playlisted can lead to additional opportunities like collaborations and licensing deals.

Apple Music + NBA Playlist: BASE:LINE

UnitedMasters has partnered with Apple Music and the NBA to create BASE:LINE, a playlist for independent artists. Submit your best tracks for a chance to get your music featured.

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How To Get Your Music Playlisted FAQs


UnitedMasters can help get your song playlisted on Spotify, Apple Music, AudioMack, YouTube, and other popular streaming platforms. Our in-house artist relations team works with playlist curators to get UnitedMasters-distributed releases on the most streamed editorial playlists.

Our exclusive partnership with Apple Music allows UnitedMasters SELECT artists to submit their songs to be featured on BASE:LINE, a collaborative playlist by Apple Music and the NBA.


Artists can get paid for playlisted music, but it depends on a few factors such as the streaming service, the type of playlist, and the artist's contract with their label or distributor.

In general, when a song is played on a streaming service like Spotify, the service pays royalties to the artist and their record label. The amount of royalties paid per stream can vary depending on the streaming service and the artist's contract, but it is typically a fraction of a penny per stream.

When a song is playlisted, it may receive more streams and therefore generate more royalties for the artist. However, not all playlists are created equal. Some playlists are curated by the streaming service's editorial team and can have a significant impact on an artist's exposure and earnings. Other playlists may be user-generated and have less influence on an artist's success.

Additionally, some streaming services offer bonuses or incentives for playlist placement. For example, Spotify offers a "Discovery Mode" program where artists can pay to have their music recommended to new listeners and included on more playlists.


If you're using UnitedMasters SELECT as your music distributor, you can use the platform's analytics tools to track your plays and see where your music is being streamed. This can help you see if your music is being playlisted on various streaming services.

Here are the steps to see your analytics on UnitedMasters SELECT:

1. Log in to your UnitedMasters account.

2. Navigate to the "Analytics" section of your account.

3. Check the "Plays" section to see a detailed breakdown of your streams and plays across different platforms and territories.

4. Look for playlists that feature your music. UnitedMasters SELECT may provide information on which playlists your songs are included in and how many plays they've received from each playlist.

Keep in mind that it may take some time for your music to appear on playlists, and it can also take time for analytics to be updated on UnitedMasters SELECT. However, the platform's analytics tools can provide valuable insights into your music's performance and help you understand the impact of your playlists on your overall stream count and earnings.


There are no additional fees to pitch your music for playlist consideration through UnitedMasters.


Getting playlisted can be difficult, especially for independent artists who may not have the same connections or resources as major label artists. However, UnitedMasters can be a solution for independent artists looking to increase their chances of getting playlisted.


Our in-house artist relations team works with playlist curators to get UnitedMasters-distributed releases on the most streamed editorial playlists.

Additionally, UnitedMasters SELECT artists can visit open Exclusives to submit their music to be featured on BASE:LINE, a collaborative playlist by Apple Music and the NBA.